Felice Quilt Designs 2014     Circle Sampler

Felice Quilt Designs 2014     Circle Sampler

embroidery pincushion
  Two to Three Day Class  - For a Second Embroidery Workshop you may want to try a few advanced stitches and create a modern looking pillow! 

Two to Three Day Class - For a Second Embroidery Workshop you may want to try a few advanced stitches and create a modern looking pillow! 

Classes and Workshops


You can pick any of the patterns to use for a class but these are suggestions for learning embroidery stitches and basics with wool.

1. Modern Sampler Quilt Pattern created with wool and cottons. Two day workshop with some preparation before class.

2. Sampler with FOUR Circles OR Pincushion Class

Learn embroidery stitches in one day. Work with felted wool circles to create a sampler of many embroidery stitches or a circular pincushion. Using your colors will make it your own! More stitches..more time needed.

4. Learning Composition Class Work with felted wool lines, squares and circles to create a piece that shows Balance, Emphasis, Contrast in Color and Shape, Unity and Repetition. It will be an original work! Include some stitches.

5. Group Design Workshop  If you are part of an organization and would like to create a group project for a building space or charity fundraiser and need ideas, direction to create the work, or technique understanding, I will work with you to make that happen! Let'e get together and make that project a reality! 

Techniques - Appliqué cottons and raw edge fusing for the wool. A whipstitch secures the wool pieces in place. Introduction to the Appliquick©tool and freezer paper techniques.


One day - 6 hours with a lunch break is $325 for up to 12 students.

Two day - $550 with up to 15 students working on the same project for the two days

*If there are two separate classes than the fee is $325 each day.Feel free to email with your questions/needs as group.

2019 Fees

One Day - 6 hours with hour lunch $400 up to 18 students if a class is other than basic stitches.Basic stitches class maximum 15.

Two Day - $650 for a Two Day Workshop with the same students and project. 

Pattern Purchase is required for the Workshop or class . A supply list is in the pattern. Students are responsible for supplying the materials needed, however I will have some materials or can have kits available for purchase if there is advanced notice that you want them.

Mileage to your site is $.50 per mile.                    

Your group provides the class meeting space.

Contact me at felicequiltdesigns@gmail.com


A class consists of 2 four hour sessions with work expected to be completed at home in between class times. Techniques are the same as mentioned in the workshop description. Some prep work is expected.

$50 per student with a minimum of six students and up to twelve students. You supply the meeting space.

Pattern purchase required prior to the class starting date. 



I will travel to your group meeting to present my quilt projects, processes, resources and materials used. I use a Power Point Presentation as part of the Trunk Show and will need access to a screen or white wall to project onto. A microphone is also needed. Patterns, kits  and threads will be available for purchase. $150

 There will be a charge of $.50 per mile to get to your destination.

If air flights are needed, the sponsor will supply the flight payment and the driving mileage charge will not count.

If an overnight stay is required, the group sponsoring the visit will provide the hotel room. 


Contact Felice Troutman at felicequiltdesigns@gmail.com