With a love of color I celebrate life!

Hi! After thirty-two years as a high school art teacher I have moved into a new artistic path. I taught photography, drawing, painting and graphic design and am combining those skills to develop my quilt patterns with a modern and happy  look to them. I have been a quilter for over thirty years and am a teacher of NEORQC and member of two local guilds, Always in Pieces, L.O.T.A. and SAQA in NE Ohio.

Felted wool has become my favorite medium combined with cotton fabrics and LOTS of embroidery stitches! The goal is to push my creative energy AND meet new friends - fiber artists, quilters and students. 

If you have some thoughts about my work or suggestions, I would love to hear them. I have endless ideas for art quilts and will create them as time permits.

If you have a special group project that you would like a leader/designer for please feel comfortable approaching me with your idea. Group work can be a great opportunity for everyone involved. 


When you complete one of my designs please send me a jpeg photo, with you in it if possible, and I will add the photo of your work to the Student Gallery Page. Each person has colors and stitches that will make it their OWN! 

I welcome shop owners to contact me for wholesale purchase of my patterns and am available to visit and teach classes. 

Always have fun stitching,



Felice Dahlhausen

330 931-1184





 Sharing my first quilt designs at  a local quilt shop

Sharing my first quilt designs at  a local quilt shop

When QUILTING is involved.......
there’s LOTS to smile about!